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Unfortunately, from one day to the other without any symptoms, we found her unconscious in her room, the 27th of December 2011. We took her to the hospital; they said she had a Subdural Hemorrhage on the right side of the brain, which had to take her to surgery immediately.

The surgery consisted of removing part of the skull to be able to remove the blood clot from her brain. We were told the surgery was risky, only 30% survive the treatment.

And the 72 hours after the surgery was going to be critical. Unfortunately, on December 31st, she suffered three strokes, which delay the whole process; they even told us she was not going to make it.
But she held on tied. Zoe was reborn.

They were cleaning her lungs on January 1st 2012, since she was connected to an artificial respiration machine and she caught, her vitals came back in normal after.

She remained in a coma for four weeks and a half.

The awakening was slow, started opening the left eye very slowly.

After 5 weeks she came out of Intensive Care, and she was transferred to rehabilitation room. From there she improved a little every day.

Thanks to her and her doctors, on March 4th she was discharged. She was getting better and more active every day. Even walking on her own.

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