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What is Nirvana?

Nirvana is the state of liberation of the suffering reached by the human being at the end of his spiritual search and free of bondage. In a more general sense, it describes someone who is in a state of fullness and inner peace, without being affected by external influences for the annihilation of certain negative traits of one's personality, because the person gets rid of torments, such as pride, hatred, envy and selfishness, feelings that afflict the human being and that prevent him from living in peace.

Nirvana indicates a state in which all mental activity is stopped, which in turn would achieve complete spiritual liberation.



Our family participation in different races during the past 4 years have generated many stories to share and have touched our hearts, particularly what we experienced in the Miami Half Marathon in 2016. During the whole tour we observed people participating in the event not only in a wheelchair pushed by their relatives and/or friends but also trying to take minimal steps to reach a dream that is only achieved with the strength of the determination of YES, I CAN. At this moment we were able to capture images through the lens and they were captured in our mind, this impelled the initiative to find a way to promote more participation in these events of those people who do not have the capacity to do it by themselves.

How do

we do it?

Through "NIRVANA PROJECT" We invite athletes or people who want to integrate into the world of running as volunteers to push people in wheelchairs with physical disabilities and other disabilities into 5K, Marathons, Triathlons and obstacles races


Within our concept, all absolutely everyone who wants to join is welcome, from children accompanied by their parents, family, friends, collaborators, students, teachers, companies, mothers, parents who wish to integrate with their children, to each of those who want to expand our mission.


In loving memory of...

Carlos Josue Paladino

2/4/76 - 8/6/98

To my brother who at such a young age his dreams were extinguished by a traffic accident being in a wheelchair with many limitations and without hope of walk again. Even so, he had the faith to continue with his life project with the support of many loved ones.

Carlos was a sports lover and university student, but everything stopped in a moment. He still wanted to fight until One day he was admitted to the hospital for an infection that doctors could not control and consequently one of his legs was amputated. Carlos still wanted to live ... But he did not resist. On our father's birthday, he told us see you soon.

To my sister Kissna Paladino for so much strength and courage to keep going despite everything.


Carlos Josué will always be in our hearts.

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