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Chris valle


Hello my name is Christian, I am 38 years old and was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


I got injured back in 2012 due to a accident that left me as a T12-L1 Paraplegic. I was always a athlete and love the competitiveness of sports and also being a team player. Since my injury I decided to try anything that was available in my area with the help from my family, started swimming and hand cycling  through the programs of the city of Miami.

During a session I was able to meet the members from the Nirvana Project and from there we had a bond. They invited me to races,marathons and events that have helped the disabled community in south Florida and the world with the progress we’ve made. Love being a para athlete and having a second chance at life has helped me understand to contribute back to the community that helped me. I do this for my family who have been my anchors and pushed me to do these events with Nirvana Project. Proud to also be apart of the growing Purple Army!!!!

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