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With your one-time donation of $99.99 you can get to choose:


Option 1: Nirvana Project Bundle

✓ Nirvana Project Official T-shirt

✓ Nirvana Project Travel Resistance Band Set

Nirvana Project Aluminum Water Bottle


or Option 2: Tres Piñas Gift


✓Choose 1 model (subject to availability)


Please note: We ship only within U.S

Gold Plan /Option 1- NP Bundle

  • First, you must select the sponsorship plan and pay for it.

    After your purchase, you will receive a coupon code via e-mail to be used in this section that will exonerate you from paying for the gift selected.

    If you do not live in the United States, you can enter the address of a relative or friend so that they can receive the gift for you.

    *All gifts are subject to model and size availability.


    *All shipments to Venezuela will be sent in a single batch and distributed by our person in charge in the country.

    *Estimated delivery time: 8 -10 weeks


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