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meet our team

We come from a diverse set of experiences and backgrounds that make our team particular.

As unique as we are individually, we share a mutual passion for running, sports and help others. We pride ourselves on share a message of integration, equality, and kindness within our community

Get to know the talented individuals who power Nirvana Project!



Aldo Amenta

Adapted Runner

"I suffered an accident that changed my life completely. After throwing myself in a shallow pool..."




Franklin Mejias

Adapted Runner / Writer

 "...los doctores tuvieron que amputar mis manos y gran parte de mis piernas...."



juan 2.jpeg

Juan Vitto

Adapted Runner

"Nací con Espina Bífida (...) mi condición no la he tomado como la gran cosa, sino más bien y esto lo digo con..."





Zoe Rodríguez 

Adapted Runner

"Sufrió 3 infartos cerebrales(ACVs), eso atrasó todo el proceso, nos llegaron hasta decir que ella no iba a sobrevivir..."




Christian Valle

Adapted Runner / Writer

 "...God gave me a second chance to give back and show my gratitude to those who will fight side by side with me...."




Francisco Reinoso

Adapted Runner

"Después de mi accidente la vida me dio un vuelco de 360 grados poniéndome en una situación muy difícil..."




Sergio Robelto

Adapted Runner

 "I got into a motorcycle accident. I suffered a mild concussion and that’s the reason I can not remember..."



claudia perfil.jpeg

Claudia Miraz

Adapted Runner

Board Director

"I have a condition called Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenital in two or more areas in the body..."




Josue Moreno

Adapted Runner / Swimmer

 "..I accidentally touched a live electrical wire, that resulted in an electrical burn over almost 40% of my body..."




Yoberly Zambrano

Adapted Runner

Co-Founder/Board Director

"At the age of 17, I was involved in a car accident that left me paralyzed from the neck down..."





Carlos Bienes

Runner Volunteer

Triatleta de alto rendimiento y dedicado voluntario llevando nuestra bandera de #MasAccionesPositivasMenosEgo


Daniel Sámano

Runner Volunteer

 "As I always say to Lilly: “Look closely, you are the one pushing me”.

Thanks to Nirvana, running has now become part of my regular activities and a way to share smiles. This group of people– volunteers and adapted runners – take me beyond science and medicine, they remind me of the small things that truly worth living for."

Aldo 4.jpeg

Marilyn Hoyos

Runner Volunteer

 "Assisting them while accomplishing their goals of taking part in our local running events is an incredible feeling!" 

monica Rizo 2.jpeg

Monica Rizo

Runner Volunteer

 "Not only was it uplifting to see the satisfaction and smiles on their faces, but to share this among everyone on the team was priceless..."

Sergio 1.jpg

Carlos Figueroa

Runner Volunteer

Nirvana Project Co-Founder

 "We were always looking for ways to help others but we couldn’t find something that we felt identified with.."


Maggie Mencos

Runner Volunteer

"No hay nada en este mundo que uno se proponga y no lo pueda realizar, si uno tiene la actitud y el deseo de hacerlo..."


Martha Hidalgo

Runner Volunteer

"Ha sido mi deseo el poder algún día contribuir a la felicidad y alegría de aquellos que no tienen..."


Osman Altamirano

Runner Volunteer

Hace un tiempo me inicie en el deporte debido al sobrepeso por largas horas de trabajo y mucha inestabilidad...


Javier Vital

Runner Volunteer

"They are not just regular athletes but special athletes with great and fun motivation..."


Mariangel Roca

Runner Volunteer

 "To assist an athlete to achieve his/hers own dream and cross the finish line... is priceless!!"


Mia Figueroa

Runner Volunteer

" I feel happy running with all of them as a family..."


Ruth Paladino-Figueroa

Runner Volunteer

Nirvana Project Founder/Board Director

"Me di cuenta que cuando la fuerza del espíritu vence lo que crees inalcanzable, todo es posible..."

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