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The purpose of the COVID-19 Relief fund is to provide a CANNED FOOD BOX to Nirvana Project Active Adapted Athletes and Volunteers to help alleviate the burden of the coronavirus-related quarantines and social distancing practices. This virus has created a variety of brand new struggles in the daily life of our teammates, many of which are tied to the financial impact of widespread quarantine. That's why we create a drive thru food campaign and all the food collected with the help of our volunteers and community will be equally divided between our team members.

Eligibility requirements:

*Applicants must be active athletes of Nirvana Project Team.
*Assistance is provided only for Nirvana Project members (Adapted Athletes and Volunteers)
*Applicants must reside in the United States.
*Applicants must fill out this application between October 3th to October 05 at midnight.


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